Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Hard-headedness": Confirmed Accusation!


Of all the times I have been accused of being hard-headed, I can now say it is true! I had a little mishap this weekend at the first professional rodeo in Iowa of the 2007 season. One-quarter of the way in the arena carrying flag, my horse (who I hadn't ridden since Christmas Break--so it was my fault) decided to take the bit and run away with me. Not being anything new, I tried to pull him around in another circle to slow him down, but he spotted the open gate instead. The last thing I remember is seeing the bucking chutes . . .

From what I was told, my horse took a hard right and ran me face-first into the metal out-gate pole, which peeled me off and landed me face-first in the dirt. I was out for about 5 minutes and came-to in the ambulance en route to the hospital, where I spent the rest of the night and into the wee hours of the morning having CT scans, Xrays, and stitches put in to sew my jawline back up.

After being told that I had truly "left my mark"--as an indent in the out-gate pole, I felt very fortunate to be alive, but knew it's because I'm too ornery and mean to be allowed into Heaven yet! My Montana Silversmiths trophy buckle is bent and there is a deep cut in it--so I must have hit something hard. However, I am proud to say, in my defense, that my hat stayed on and that I technically DID NOT FALL OFF!

From the excitement (and for my consolation prize), I did receive a fractured jaw, 10 stitches along my left jawline, chipped teeth, and a whole army of bruises on my legs. However, beside not being able to chew, I am as good as ever and ready to go again! I am thinking the "soft foods only " diet will be a great spring weight-loss plan! Look out Jenny Craig!

GOOD NEWS for the weekend is I went to Shenandoah, Iowa at Sunshine "S" Trailer Sales pick up the BEAUTIFUL 20' trailer Jon Stripe is letting me use for the year! It is so nice that I can't help but smile and jump up and down every time I see it! When I hooked on my borrowed truck for the weekend (from Todd Crase of the Extreme Bullriding Tour to the trailer, I wanted my horse to drive the truck so I could ride in the trailer! As things turned out, it is probably a good thing I drove because my horse probably would have gotten a speeding ticket!

Thank you, Jon Stripe, for your kindness, support, and confidence in me by letting me use the trailer for the next 10 months! I am excited to get my trailer-level sponsors' logos on the trailer so I can begin my "traveling billboard" advertisement for them! No matter what horse I take throughout Iowa this year, it will be a very pampered and lucky one becuase of Jon's GREAT trailer.

Take care, stay warm through this last little bit of winter, and be sure to do your "Spring Dance" because I am ready for nice weather!