Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello, 2008 and the NEW Miss Rodeo Iowa, Aleigh Beahm

L to R: Me, Aleigh Beahm (MRI'O8), Rachel Burton (MTRI 'O8), Suzette Walker (MTRI 'O7) Posing at Aleigh's Coronation Celebration.

As I rung in the new year, I sadly said goodbye to my title as Miss Rodeo Iowa 2007. Though I didn’t think I would be, I was sad as I watched the clock turn to 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2008 because it was true . . . I am officially a “has-been.” However, because of the wonderful experiences and priceless opportunities I was granted, I would like to think of myself as a “once was” or “always will be” in my mind!

On January 6, Dad and I drove to Dunlap for Aleigh’s Coronation Celebration. It was a great night with many other queens in attendance (which was good so I was able to spread the word that ALL of my clothes are for sale)! We had a great meal of COWBOY BEANS (kindly donated by Rowley, Deb, and Rachel Burton because they know how much I love them) and other delicious food. After eating, the ceremony began. Bobbie kindly recognized me in front of the group for my achievements at Miss Rodeo America and presented me with an extra $500 toward my standing $1500 Miss Rodeo Iowa Scholarship because I had money left over after the year (yeah!), and the board thought I did a good job of spending my money wisely. I was very honored and excited because that means I will have a total of $4,000 in scholarships to apply toward this next semester’s tuition.
Queens galore! L to R: Rachel Burton (MTRI '08), Holly Soucie (Miss Sidney '07), Amy Huddlemeyer (Miss URA '08), leigh Beahm (MRI '08), me, Katie Stark (Miss Lenox'07), Suzy Fife (Miss Teen Lenox '07), Lindsay Ahrenholtz (Miss AKSARBEN '07), Suzette Walker (MTRI '07), Charity Houk (Iowa H.S. queen '07), Kaitlin Wilkinson (Woodbin Saddle Club Queen '07), Carly Hagey (MRIL '08)

After the recognition was over, it was time for me to hand over the crown. Clutching Aleigh’s hand, I wished her the best of luck and all of the fun I had in the past year. Pitching in a little advice, I told her to live her year to the fullest because it flies by, and we will not be cute forever. On a serious note, I reminded her that through all of the fame and recognition she will receive in the next year to be sure to remain grounded and not let anyone change the wonderful person she is because that is the reason she achieved the title and all of her guests showed up to support her that night.

With shaky hands, I took the crown slowly off of my head and placed it on hers. A big bear hug sealed the deal that she is now Miss Rodeo Iowa 2008.The rest of the night was very fun and enjoyable as the other queens and I helped carry around items for Aleigh’s live fundraiser auction, and we laughed at the Mr. Rodeo Iowa contestants. Mom and Blaine provided the sound and music—Mom does a great job with song selection and background music! I had a great time dancing and talking with many people I hadn’t seen in a while, and it was wonderful to have Dad all to myself! He tricked me into thinking I didn’t get two mugs I was bidding on in the silent auction, but surprised me with them later in the night. It feels weird not being Miss Rodeo Iowa anymore, but I am excited about my “new” life as a future veterinarian!

My favorite picture of the year-- Carrying Old Glory aboard the beautiful grey, Pepper Ann at the Exira, IA rodeo.

My year as Miss Rodeo Iowa will always be one I look back on and remember while smiling. Though my first semester veterinary school grades were not what I am used to or like to see, I would not have traded my experience as Miss Rodeo Iowa or my time at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant for a 4.0. However, I still get to be a part of the Miss Rodeo Iowa Program by co-hosting this year’s clinic with MRI’04 Megan Wiemold on February 16-17 in Ames. She is a great gal, and our minds work well together. It should be a fun time warping young queens’ minds!

This next summer will feel somewhat uneventful because of the decreased number of rodeos and events I will be attending, but I am excited because the time will be filled with working cattle, riding, being outside and getting a tan, spending time with family and friends, and doing all I can to make myself an experienced, tough, and personable veterinarian! I feel truly blessed--thank you, once again, to everyone involved with making this the best year of my life!

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